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Personal loan borrowing power calculator

Work out how much you may be able to borrow with ING Personal Loan based on your income and expenses.


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Your income

Gross monthly salary:

Other monthly income:


Your monthly expenses

Living expenses:

Rent / Mortgage repayments:

Total other loan repayments:

Total credit card limit:

About loan

Loan term:


Debt consolidation (if applicable)

Other loan limit to consolidate:

Credit card limit to consolidate:

Estimated borrowing power


(rounded down to nearest $500)

Estimated monthly repayments


(based on estimated borrowing power)

Fixed interest rate: % p.a.

Comparison rate: % p.a. (Warning.)

Important: The estimates produced by the borrowing power calculator are estimates only, and are based purely on information entered. Actual borrowing power may vary. Results of the borrowing power calculator are not an offer of credit. Any application for credit is subject to ING's credit approval criteria, as well as minimum and maximum loan amounts.

See how much your repayments could be with ING Personal Loan.
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